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Statement Regarding Unlock the Box Promotion


Irvine, CA - Feb 23, 2012

To win the Unlock the Box Promotion, entrants playing via micro-site or SMS methods must have a winning time of entry and code to win a PlayStation Vita.  With these two components, they then view a message that informs them they are a winner, pending verification, as provided in the promotion rules.  On January 30, 2012, some people who entered the Promotion erroneously viewed a message stating that they might have won a PS Vita, despite the fact they did not have a winning time of entry and code and did not in fact win.  Because these entrants did not win, upon their inquiry they received notice that their entries were not among the winning entries. This unfortunately created confusion and frustration with some customers, and we immediately looked further into the matter to determine what happened.

We asked an independent, third party games administrator to conduct a thorough investigation of what happened.  The investigators identified and confirmed that someone had attempted to attack the system in order to enter the promotion illegally and/or defraud the contest, which created technical errors in the system.  Those technical errors in turn directly caused totally innocent non-winners, on January 30, to view the erroneous winning message described above.  It is important to note that all actual winners who had winning time of entry and codes on January 30, 2012, received their proper winning messages and are receiving their PS Vitas; the technical errors caused only some non-winners to receive erroneous messages that they might have won.  To date, we have 2,919 PS Vita winners, and we'll give away 5,000 in total as planned.

So the end result is that some selfish attackers, out to scam the system and the rules for their own benefit, caused some innocent customers who did not in fact win to view a message indicating they might have won.  Although we certainly didn't cause these problems, we launched this promotion to be fun and rewarding and we don't want anyone to be disappointed.  So we are giving all entrants on that day a do-over -- another opportunity to win a PS Vita.  In other words, we're recreating the experience for that one day, giving all entrants from January 30 (except the actual winners) another chance to win one of an additional 100 PS Vitas, which is more than we award each day.  Entrants will be automatically entered into this separate drawing to win a PS Vita. The drawing will take place on March 21, 2012.  All winners will be notified directly by the week of March 27, 2012.  We continue to investigate those who compromised the system on January 30 and if we identify them we will pursue all available legal remedies.

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