• Facts 0001 - Does Taco Bell offer vegetarian-friendly options on its menu

    Yes, we offer several vegetarian* options. Some of our customers tell us their favorites are the classic Bean Burrito (370 calories), Black Bean Burrito (390 calories), and AM Grilled Taco with Egg and Cheese (170 calories). You can also personalize any item on our menu by asking for it to be made without meat.

    There are no ingredients of animal origin in the preparation of our pinto beans, black beans, rice, cheese, tortillas or flatbreads. Our reduced-fat sour cream does, however, contain a very small amount of gelatin, which is naturally animal-based.

  • Facts 0002 - Are Taco Bell beans vegetarian

    Yes! In fact all of our beans – both black beans and seasoned beans – are vegetarian* and do not use any ingredients of animal origin.

  • Facts 0003 - Does Taco Bell offer food that is made with no gluten containing ingredients

    Our Cantina Power Bowl and Black Beans & Rice are just a couple of the many options you can get at Taco Bell that are made with no gluten containing ingredients. Since everything at Taco Bell is made-to-order, it’s easy to customize many items to fit your lifestyle. For example, replacing the flour tortilla in our Chicken Soft Taco for a crunchy taco shell accommodates a made-without-gluten diet.

    The entire list of Taco Bell ingredients is available here, as well as our complete list of menu information on food allergies and sensitivities

  • Facts 0004 - I have specific food allergies. Can I eat at Taco Bell

    We have an extensive menu that can accommodate a growing number of dietary needs and requests for our customers. Our food doesn’t contain peanuts, tree nuts, fish or shellfish. We list the ingredients that are prepared with other common allergens, such as eggs, milk, wheat, or soybean. We also list items that some people may have sensitivities to, such as those that contain gluten or MSG. More information about your individual needs is available here.

  • Facts 0005 - Can I customize my order

    Absolutely! Here’s a fun fact: 60 percent of Taco Bell orders are already customized by consumers. So whether you want to reduce calories and fat with Fresco-style*, add an extra portion of meat, or create something uniquely your own, our menu is completely customizable!

    *Fresco means substituting cheese, dairy-based sauces, reduced-fat sour cream and guacamole for freshly-prepared pico de gallo.

  • Facts 0006 - Where can I find the nutritional facts for my order

    Your go-to resource for full nutritional information for any item on our menu including calories, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber and protein is available here. It’s important to us that nutrition information is accessible, so you can make informed choices based on your lifestyle. We are also developing digital tools for customizable nutrition information that will deliver even more convenience in making choices to best fit your lifestyle.

  • Facts 0007 - How can I enjoy balanced options at Taco Bell

    Whether it’s more protein, fewer calories or less fat, we offer balanced options, with taste uncompromised. For ways to enjoy lower calorie, lower fat options, you can customize your order “Fresco style” – which replaces cheese, dairy-based sauces, reduced-fat sour cream and guacamole with freshly prepared pico de gallo,  at no additional cost. Order from our signature Fresco line, and choose from 6 items all under 350 calories and 10 grams of fat.  Our Cantina Power Menu™ delivers on flavor, with burritos and bowls packed with over 20 grams of protein and 500 calories or less. More resources on how to make informed choices at Taco Bell and information on our continued innovation of balanced options offered is available here,

  • Facts 0008 - How is my food prepared at Taco Bell

    Taco Bell menu items are made-to-order, so when you order a crunchy taco, it’s crunchy and fresh when you receive it! Our pico de gallo is freshly prepared every day in store, as well as our seasoned beans and nacho chips.

  • Facts 0009 - What are Taco Bell’s food safety procedures

    As a leading food brand, food quality and safety is our top priority, and we are proud to say we have industry-leading food quality standards. We partner closely with all our suppliers and industry experts to deliver the highest quality food.

  • Facts 0010 - Does Taco Bell use artificial trans fat

    In 2007, Taco Bell’s® U.S. restaurants completely switched to using trans fat-free high-oleic canola frying oil. With the exception of a couple ingredients containing 1 gram or less, all menu items are free of added artificial trans fat. We are committed to completely phasing out all artificial trans fat from our food by 2015.

  • Facts 0011 - Is your beef real

    Yes. We start with 100 percent USDA premium ground beef. After cooking, we remove and drain off excess fat and add seasoning – much the same way you prepare taco meat at home. Our beef is USDA inspected, as is all beef in the U.S., and passes our 20 quality checkpoints so we proudly stand behind the quality of our seasoned beef. We are also proud to serve 100 percent fire-grilled marinated all-white meat chicken and USDA select marinated grilled steak.

  • Facts 0012 - How can you afford to sell at such low prices

    When you buy a lot of anything, you usually get a pretty good deal on it. Taco Bell is one of the largest beef and produce purchasers in the U.S. And as part of Yum! Brands, one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, we are able to buy in bulk and secure lower prices, which we pass along to you.

The Truth About our Beef

Get the full story about our seasoned beef, where it comes from, and how it's prepared.

Cantina Power Burrito and Bowl

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