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Glen Bell Legacy

In the early 1960s, when burger stands were sprouting up all over Southern California, Glen Bell refused to follow the trend.

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Before Glen Bell created Taco Bell®, he started Bell's Drive-In and Taco Tia in the San Bernadino area.



Glen Bell opens his first Taco Bell® restaurant in Downey, CA, serving what his customers called “Tay-Kohs.”


Retired L.A. policeman, Kermit Becky, becomes Taco Bell®'s first franchisee, opening a restaurant in Torrance, CA.


Taco Bell®'s 100th restaurant opens at 400 South Brookhurst in Anaheim.



Taco Bell® goes public with a total of 325 restaurants.


Glen sold 868 Taco Bell® restaurants to PepsiCo Inc., and became a PepsiCo shareholder.



Taco Bell® introduces Taco Salad and Tacos BellGrande®.


Taco Bell® pioneers the concept of linking fast-food marketing promotions with major movie blockbusters. Its “Batman” promotion is a huge success, placing Taco Bell® in the spotlight.



Taco Bell® launches the new 59¢-79¢-99¢ value initiative.


Taco Bell® launches new Express business to serve hungry people on-the-go.


The Taco Bell® Foundation unveils the TEENSupreme® program partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


Taco Bell® helps sponsor the first ESPN X Games.


As the new parent company of Taco Bell®, Tricon declares its independence from the PepsiCo conglomerate.


Gorditas burst onto the fast food scene and become a nationwide sensation.



Taco Bell® promises a free taco to everyone in the U.S. if the falling space station MIR hits the floating Taco Bell® target.


Taco Bell® unveils a new advertising slogan urging consumers to “Think Outside The Bun.”


Taco Bell® Foundation donations hit $10 million mark. Donations support more than 500,000 at-risk teens participating in the TEENSupreme® Program.


Taco Bell® introduces the Mountain Dew BAJA BLAST®!


The Crunchwrap Supreme® becomes Taco Bell®'s most successful product introduction, and becomes a permanent menu addition in January 2006.



The new Tacobell.com site launches! From food to jobs to store locations, everything you want to know about Taco Bell® is now just a click away!

We mourn the loss of our founder, Glen Bell. One of our country's great entrepreneurs and innovators, his legacy lives on in our people and our brand.

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